Time Travel With Chesterton

No one can say it quite like G K Chesterton, here in "If I Only had One Sermon to Preach."

"Scores of scribes and sages are busy writing about the importance of self-culture and self-realization; about how every child ought to be taught how to develop his personality (whatever that may be); about how every man must devote himself to success, and every successful man must devote himself to developing a magnetic and compelling personality; about how every man may become a superman (by taking Our Correspondance Course) or, in the more sophisticated and artistic fiction, how one specially superior superman can learn to look down on the mere mob of ordinary supermen, who form the population of that peculiar world."

Indeed.  He would be shocked at the discussion around progressive education today:

"Let's not give test to children!

"You can't compare this school in New Jersey to that school in Shanghai!

"Use computers or suffer extinction as an educator!

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