Finding my voice

 I am being - happily - encouraged by some colleagues to "apply for the 'Apple Distinguished Edcuator' training next semeter" and go get training in Singapore (which I love Singapore!)  But; I realize that, while I enjoy using computer tools, I do not think technology is the most important thing in learning; it can be a complement, but it is not central.  

To ME, the most important thing is DOING to learn (as far as school and class time is concerened) and for me personally, I want to do and learn more about writing (as you have heard from me). 

Realizing that pursuing another badge and jumping through a hoop is good for professional life, I also think it is not what I individually need.  I need to do something that is "Jay" so that when I apply for work I have something personal and unique to offer; I need, in a sense, to find my authentic "voice" both in a professional way and a writing way.  This will enable me to be more productive right now where I am too.

So ... I am letting the Apple thing go, others can apply and attend, and I am working on my writing.  :)

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