I love to read!  Here is a list of great stuff to read and resources for students looking for reading material.  

Bible Gateway

Online Bible in multiple versions.  Read it and use it!

Books Jay has read

One of my saddest losses in a double (!) hard drive failure November 2007 was the list of books I have read since 1993...  Thankfully I found a copy in one of my many redundant files, but now I will keep it on Google Docs and upload it here (as "Jays Complete Reading List") annually for safekeeping.  Pages below have some informal reviews and comments (f the title is here there is some comment.

Bruderhoff Titles

Some time back my sister, Kila, introduced me to email devotionals from the Bruderhoff.  The Bruderhoff is a Christian community who were reaching out electronically to encourage and build community and faith.  The devotionals were based on writing of a particular author, always focussed on God and faith.  Sadly, in early 2007 they decided to discontinue the publishing and email devotionals and I felt the loss.  Thankfully I downloaded a lot of the books they had available and will make them available below you to download.   Most of their books include the requirement that they not be downloaded or printed or distributed for money (ie. getting paid).  If you want to see or use them for personal use read the required credit line below and then download and read this rich store of wisdom from faithful friends who love God.

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Copyright by The Bruderhof Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.

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