Kylie:  Starting to feel like home

Well I think that Korea is getting to feel like home. I still miss the wide open spaces of Washington though. The people around here are getting to know us but it's a weird feeling not having people trust you! like it's totally understandable, cuz well we don't know each other. But I've never really had to make that trust from stage one. I just kinda took it for granted I guess. Cuz we always trust each other. But that's just some thing we need to work on.

School is heavy! There's always lots of home work! But the first report came through the other day, and I did OK so I suppose I'll be fine. I got mostly B- and B+, but I did get like one C+. How ever I got straight A+ in Algebra which is really awesome. I'm very pleased seeing as I knew nothing about algebra whatsoever! So yeah school is going OK. I'm really looking forward to going to the middle school lock-in this week end it's going to be a blast! Oh and Mr. Pash, the band teacher is going to teach me to play the bass. Well I hope so! He needs it in the orchestra so I have been requested to play. I'm really excited!

My friends and I went to Noriebong after church to day it was so much fun! I love noriebong. It's actually called Karaoke in the US, but it is totally different here then there! They don't serve alcohol and each party gets there own room and picks the songs they want to sing. Alex and I sang The Phantom of the Opera. We actually got 99 (your performance is graded out of 100)! I'm trying to get her to sing it with me for GSIS-idol this year. She says no way but I still have time to change her mind! Hannah wants to sing Irreplaceable. I don't know. I think if Alex won't be swayed I'll sing it with her. :) Man there is so much to do here! 

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