Garage Sale


In the past few weeks we have gotten over several hurdles involved in moving a family to another country. The time line bringing us to the present is roughly:

Hurdle #1 After the most intense weekend of my life, at a job fair for international school which was held in Iowa, in February, I got a new job teaching at an international school in Korea this next year.

Hurdle #2 We decided to sell the house we bought and enlarged because, our time in Korea is indefinitely defined and renting it out from that distance brought logistical problems we did not appreciate. God provided a buyer-and not just any buyer: we will be selling it to some friends of ours that we think very highly of: Jaime and Steve Ethridge-and their 6 great kids!

Hurdle #3 Sorting, choosing, packing, giving, selling and discarding. After the laborious exercise of separating and sorting stuff (perhaps correctly called junk) we made:

pile (a) to go to Korea (with suppiles for each person);

pile (b) to be stored in Canada at Jay's parents' home (because we cannot bear the thought of living without "someday" seeing or holding these objects and images again);

pile (c) to be distributed to people as they variously purchased/asked/or were gifted it;

pile (d) goods to be sold for cash-hence the GARAGE SALE to spend on...more stuff?

So check back for some graphic images of this event!

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