While they test I am being examined

Today my second crop of DP biology students to their first semester exam.  As I sit here grading their papers, I realize that I am being examined as much as they are:  

•  I see in their answers any omission I made in a lecture; 

•  I realize when formative feedback would have been a valuable to correct a misunderstanding;

•  I recognize when I should have required that student to come in and make up an assignment because they never did and on the test the understanding they would have gained was never realized;

•  I am reminded I need to constantly listen to the undertone of their discussion in class, to be mindful of what their individual learning needs are;

•  I appreciate that learning & teaching are imperfect events. more craft than event; more conversation than delivery.

Finally, I understand - again - that one of the wonderful aspects of teaching is its cyclical nature, permitting me to learn and grow alongside the students I nurture every day.

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